Ways To “Positive Vibes Only”


If you are people pleaser, this is especially important for you. Try to build relationship with yourself and finally please your inner self.

Being good to yourself is so much beneficial than being good to anybody else. Not saying to quit being good to other people, but to put yourself first.


Yogis and monks have discovered a long time ago that our thoughts are directly connected to the way we breathe.

When we start breathing slowly and deep in our belly and by exploiting 100% of our lungs capacity, our thoughts seem to slow down and we become more relaxed. Therefore, this is used in almost every meditative technique. Life simply slows down, all stress leaves both the mind and body, and the individual who breathes this way gains clarity and mindfulness.

This practice will not only calm you down, it will affect your health and your overall blood circulation, too. It will boost the activity of your brain and it will never fail to improve your mood.

Breathing is automatic but it is the essence of life, so start doing it properly.

Simply start exercising this until it becomes a constant habit. Breathe deep in your belly and fill it like a balloon. Instead of inhaling shallow breaths in the chest only, expand your belly as much as you can.

The longer you practice this technique, the deeper and more effective your breaths will become. Your consciousness will clear and clarity and inner peace will take place.


Bird of feather flock together. Find people that poses positive energy and hung-out with them. Start to notice what is that makes them so pleasant to be around. You can even start to imitate them to sort of pick up that good energy.

Sometimes you can’t switch your friends for some other more “positive” friends. But, you can still learn and find something positive in your current friends. If you are looking, you will find it.

When relatives are in question, we have even less choice. Toxic relatives can drain energy, so instead focusing on the dark side, filter it and look for positives.


Have you ever wandered why its called “forest”? Because it’s made for you to rest. If you have one nearby, visit it daily if you can. It will help you release all your negative emotions and connect with the calmness of the nature.


When you are grateful for something in your life, when you see it, it should remind you of that good feeling when you are thankful. The more things you are grateful for, the better. These things should make you feel good and positive about yourself and life in general.

Gratefulness is the secret to a peaceful, happy and positive lifestyle.


Compliments are like loans. You can’t truly get them without giving in return.

If criticizing makes people feel bad, then the opposite which is giving compliments has to make them feel good. Not only will it make the person you compliment feel amazing, it will come back to you as well.

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