The Power Of Affirmations

The Power Of Affirmations - Motivations

Positive thinking. It’s the basis of creating positive habits, relationships and having an overall positive and fulfilling experience of life. Yet many of us seem to make negativity the norm and positivity the exception. Why not start making positivity a routine?

Our thoughts inevitably ripple outwards into our actions, our treatment of others and how we respond to challenges that come our way.

Affirmations are powerful when are used daily and with persistence, but sometimes they may not be enough on their own, and can end up being quite superficial and unsustainable at times. That is, unless they are being done in conjunction with actions to support and actualize them. You need to pick and choose your affirmations, don’t just use them randomly.

If your goal is become public speaker, choose affirmations that helps overcome fear and promote communications skills.

What you can do to emphasize the power of your affirmations is to limit them to three different. Also, you can do them in the morning so that you can think of them the whole day, and right before sleep so you can dream about them.

Another, good practice is to set your affirmations in remainder app and have them shown in the morning and before sleep. This will help you to remind yourself visually and not miss a day without affirmations.

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