Self Talk For Good Self Motivation

self talk for good motivation

I am bad at doing things … I am not looking good …
We all have that negative self conversation that brings us to nowhere.
We spend a lot of time with ourselves and in that time, it really matters what we are feeding our brains because your internal dialogue plays a massive role in your motivation and productivity levels.


To have a positive self talk that gives effects it has to be believable and doable.
Create a positive mental image. The phrases and words you choose should be those that you can immediately call up and create a visual picture of yourself doing exactly what you say. The image along with the words is a powerful combination that creates a positive message tied to a belief.


If there is something you don’t like about yourself and you are well aware of it, try to disguise it for a while. Focus on what you are doing to change what you don’t like about yourself or your life. If the message that you are feeding yourself is false, then stop. Replace the thoughts with correct messages such as “I am fast, looking good, in shape, and I should be proud of how hard I have worked to get to my physical fitness level”.


Being unrealistic about your goals is surely bad, but having bigger goals than usual is definitely right. Big goals are stretching our abilities and our performance. Big goals are great motivation, we can agree on this one that big goals are getting us out of the comfort zone.


Don’t be too hard on yourself. Everyone has a past. Everyone has bad things in their past.

Don’t concentrate on these failures, mistakes, or negative things that have happened in your life.

Keep your mind focused on the future and what is possible, especially the positive things that are possible.

For example, imagine that you are in a new relationship after going through a divorce or bad breakup. You harbor ill feelings toward your ex because they cheated on you. You have the right to be angry, but there comes a time to move forward.

Put the past in the past. Don’t bring up your ex every time you watch a movie that involves infidelity. Don’t bring up your ex and their wrongs on a regular basis. Doing so is bringing your ex into your current relationship. Your current spouse or partner didn’t sign up for you and another person in tow.

Leave your baggage at the door. Don’t speak the words about your past when they aren’t necessary. Doing so keeps them going and gives them new life.

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