Profitability Affirmations

profitability affirmations - motivations

1. I am earning money with ease.

2. My earnings and profit are increasing in time.

3. The prices of the shares in which I have invested are always growing. I always make a profit in the share market.

4. I am speaking profitability affirmations out loud all day to build my faith.

5. I invest my money in my future and my future is paying back.

6. I am operating in a positive space that allows me to receive more money.

7. Today I will turn my can nots into coins.

8. Money comes to me in fun and surprising ways.

9. My money goals will manifest this year.

10. I make sales every day.

11. I am worthy of financial abundance.

12. I enjoy multiple passive big money streams.

13. Every dollar i spend comes back to me multiplied.

14. I am money magnet.

15. I am profiting with whatever I invest in.

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