How To Become More Efficient

How to become more efficient -

People are constantly distracted by random situations that make them lose focus and stop them from doing whatever it is they were doing.

1. Keep your work space orderly.

Get rid of the clutter, being at your desk, file closet or your emails and desktop. Stop putting yourself in a position where you can’t find something either physical or digital – a document, email, pencil or whatever you need at the moment. Save time by having everything in its place. Sounds banal, but it’s not.

Numerous researchers have proven that physical clutter affects productivity in a negative way – it can affect your mood. A cluttered desk or an office can negatively affect your mood and the ability to work productively, not to mention how hodgepodge creates stress. Do you need it?

2. Have Mindset of an Entrepreneur

An enterprising mindset means that you do what’s important right now.

According to the famous entrepreneur his Do it now’ attitude is one of the main reasons for his success. Once you have set your goals, it is vital that you develop an enterprising attitude.

The simplest way to do that is to focus on the most important activities first. You might be tempted to get the easier tasks out of the way before you focus on the more difficult ones, but putting first things first is an important step on your way to an efficient life.

3. Set deadlines for each of your tasks.

The amount of time spent on a certain task directly depends on how much time one can make available to complete it. Without a deadline, the task can go on forever. Don’t worry about the pressure once you set a due date, it will drive you to finish the task even before your deadline, making you work faster to beat the clock.

You should know that an interesting thing happens when you are timing your task. It will put you in a mental state of flow. And the flow is good. That means that you are immersed in the activity and you can focus on it, unaware of everything else going on.

The flow is triggered once you set a time limit on a task and only then you can use your skills to their highest potential.

4. Quiet your inner perfectionist.

Stop manically reviewing your work, double-checking for errors, and doing extra work “just to be on the safe side”. Perfection is the enemy of productivity and it will drain your energy, leaving you with a strong feeling of frustration and helplessness.

It’s not about “all or nothing” here. It’s rather about “all you can do in a healthy and productive manner”. If you consider a failure every work that it’s not perfect, soon enough you will find yourself polishing and refining your work with no end or beginning. You have a bigger fish to fry. Like moving onto a next task or a project even.

It’s quite enough if you deliver solid work and hit all deadlines. That will do. Everything else is just about you and your ego. Drop that.

5. End the day by doing something productive

Even the most efficient, productive workers hit lulls during the day when they hit a caffeine dip or there is a particularly engaging conversation among coworkers in your collaboration tool. But if you focus on hitting a productivity high note at the end of the day, you can get more work done and end the day with a sense of accomplishment, helping you rest better and start the next morning reinvigorated. It’s a positive cycle.

Beside having a set time for everything, list out your daily/weekly tasks in your schedule based on priority and get started on the most important one. In case of an unforeseen interruption, deal with it and get back on the horse.

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