Honoring Affirmations

honor affirmations - Motivations.group

1. I am self-nurturing and self-loving.

2. I honor myself by making wise decisions on when and where to socialize.

3. I give my body the gift of sleep so that it may renew itself.

4. I honor who I am.

5. I am trustworthy. I am reliable. I am honorable.

6. I honor my own unique experience.

7. I recognize when I’m not honoring myself anymore and look for new ways to care for me.

8. I honor myself by investing in my hobbies.

9. I honor myself by loving myself.

10. I share my joy.

11. I honor myself by listening to my instincts.

12. I let go of guilt inducing patterns that just don’t honor me

13. I let go of relationships that don’t respect my values, commitments and well being.

14. I humbly honor my strengths, blessings and gifts.

15. I honor my feelings as normal responses to my nature and life experiences.

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